The Case for Investing in Green Technologies

Anthony John Diplacido operates as chief operating officer and senior partner at World Light Tech LLC, an international company that helps clients become more energy efficient through the usage of LED lighting and other energy efficient solutions. Anthony Diplacido previously served as President of Energex Ltd in New York City.

Going green (or energy efficient) has become a trend in the business world, and for compelling reasons. Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but it can also help companies save money that can be spent elsewhere. While investing in energy efficient technologies or working with an energy efficiency consultant can cost initially, the return on investment is tremendous as, over time, companies end up saving money by using less energy.

Many companies and organizations overlook energy-efficient technologies, believing that they won’t save much money and that the process is not worth the time or overhead costs. Not true for Wawa, a convenience store chain that saved more than $1 million dollars annually through an LED lighting commitment. The clothing retailer Kohl’s has also committed to going green. Through efforts to earn Energy Star designations, the chain store has greatly increased its commitment to investing in sustainable energy sources while working to become carbon neutral. As a result, the firm has saved $50 million over the course of four years.


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