About Anthony Diplacido

Senior partner and chief operating officer at World Light Tech, LLC, Anthony Diplacido performs a diverse range of duties for the innovative lighting solutions company. Mr. Diplacido joined World Light Tech in 2001. Since then, Anthony Diplacido has engaged his marketing and purchasing skills to negotiate some of the lighting company’s most lucrative contracts. His achievements include creating successful contracts with international clients from Brazil and the Dominican Republic. He has also created successful signed national contracts with school districts and industrial warehouses.

Located in New York City, World Light Tech offers lighting options that represent the latest technology and the highest quality. As a driving force at World Light Tech, Mr. Diplacido subscribes to his company’s mission to improve customers’ businesses with lowered lighting costs and to minimize the environmental impact of lighting solutions.

Before his tenure at World Light Tech, Anthony Diplacido was president at the brokerage firm Energex, Ltd., from 1989 until 2009. During his leadership at Energex, the company achieved status as one of the most successful company of its kind on the New York Mercantile Exchange trading floor.


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